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Multiplex immunofluorescence to evaluate immune cell infiltrates in HCC with combined anti-PDL1 and anti-CTLA4 immunotherapy

Varsha Swamy, Class of 2024


Varsha Swamy, OMS-III, won second place for her project titled, “Multiplex immunofluorescence to evaluate immune cell infiltrates in HCC with combined anti-PDL1 and anti-CTLA4 immunotherapy” at the 9th Annual OPSC Poster Competition. Her project examined a new combination therapy for hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC), the third leading cause of cancer mortality worldwide.

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Improving Breast Cancer Screening Rates in Central Valley through Examining Social Determinants of Health

Obaid Khan, Class of 2024


Obaid Khan, OMS-III, presented his research poster titled “Improving Breast Cancer Screening Rates in Central Valley through Examining Social Determinants of Health” at the 2nd Annual CHSU Research Day. This project identified the barriers towards the low performing BCS rates in the rural population of Adventist Health Clinic in Kerman, CA. This is a cross-sectional study using a survey for obtaining qualitative data on identifying two barriers contributing to the low breast cancer screening rates in Fresno County.

Use of Street Medicine to Reduce Emergency Department Use Among Homeless Populations

Sarah Holzmann, Natalie Pena-Brockett, Zachary Josse, Jake Dertinger – Class of 2024


Zachary Josse and Sarah Holzmann, OMS-IIIs, presented their group’s research at the 9th Annual OPSC Poster Competition. The project identifies factors associated with emergency department (ED) visits among individuals who are unhoused in Bakersfield, California, and evaluate the efficacy of street medicine interventions. The study examined patterns of emergency department use and its associated factors, including acute and chronic disease. 

At CHSU, we believe research and scholarly activity is important to the development of both our future osteopathic physicians and our current health care professionals. Here we want to showcase some of the completed and on-going research of our CHSU students and faculty members.

Just weeks into their first year, CHSU medical students start early service-learning projects while embedded in Central Valley health centers. Student doctors collaborate with faculty, preceptor physicians, other health care providers, and scientists to conduct research to benefit their partner health care center. Students also have the opportunity to potentially publish their research in peer-reviewed journals and present at conferences.

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The CHSU Research Day showcases the research and scholarly activities by both our CHSU community and the greater Central Valley medical community. CHSU students and faculty members, local researchers, clinicians, pharmacists, resident physicians/pharmacists and faculty leading local Residency and Fellowship programs are welcome to participate.

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PRHS Course

Through CHSU’s Physician’s Role in Health Systems course, medical students begin making an impact on patients through research projects designed to improve patient care and health outcomes at their partnering health clinic, hospital or other health care site.

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